Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hay is for Horses

Andrew: There's 3 Hays. There's hay for horses. Hey, that's my toy! and the Hey where you wave!

That's a pretty good grasp on homophones...for a 3 year old!

See ya later alligator...

Even More Sucking Up

So, I'm getting Andrew dressed for bed and, with his pants half way on, he leans down, gives me a hug and a kiss and says, "You're the best! You're pretty and wonderful Mommy."

I keep trying to get these things on camera, but he just won't do it!

I know these posts aren't that funny, but I had to record these wonderful words from my precious 3 year old, so that they will never be forgotten, especially once he turns 13 and doesn't even want to be seen with me!

See ya later alligator...

Sucking Up

For some reason, Andrew is especially affectionate when I'm wiping him up after lunch. He normally tells me he loves me and kisses my hands or stomach or whatever he can reach, but today, he really kicked it up a notch. And if you know Andrew, imagine his sweetest, most gentle little voice telling me these things.

Andrew: You're my best mommy!
You're so beautiful.
You smell so good.
Your earrings are so pretty.
And I like the way your hair is curling around.
I love you so much Mommy.
(Kiss, Kiss, Kiss)

Me: I love you too Andrew! Thank you.

I mean come on, the ladies will be lining up for him if he keeps this up! I half expected him to start asking for something!

See ya later alligator...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Master Manipulator

Andrew is the master manipulator. Here is an example of his cleverness.

He woke up from his nap screaming and crying. I had to go in and get him, even though he can easily climb out himself. When asked why he said, "I wanted someone to carry me out of my bed." He continued to cry as I held him in my lap. Here is our conversation, all with him crying and hyper-ventilating:

Me: Andrew, why are you still crying?
Andrew: Because (sniffle, sniffle) I want my juice (as he starts sobbing again).
Me: Well, then go get your juice.
Andrew: I want you to get my juice.
Me: Well, I want you to get your juice.
Andrew: Get my juice.
Me: Get your juice.
Andrew: No, you get it.
Me: No, you get it.
Me: (much calmer) Get your juice.
Andrew: Mommy (sobbing, with trembling lips and everything), no, I want you to get my juice.
Me: I want you to get your own juice.
Andrew: I'm hungry. (I guess he figured that since the above argument wasn't working, he'd switch tactics.)
Me: Okay.
Andrew: I want a snack.
Me: Okay.
Andrew: Can I have a snack?
Me: Maybe
Andrew: (with his little impish smile) I can?
Me: Maybe, if I hear the right words.
Andrew: Please can I have a snack please?
Me: Yes
Andrew: (all smiles now)Okay. I'll get my juice and you get the snack.

I admit, the boy is good. See ya later alligator...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is how two little boys entertain themselves...until someone gets hurt!

See ya later alligator...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Because We Love Each Other

When I checked on the boys Wednesday night, this is what I found. I asked Phillip the next morning, "Why did you both sleep in the same bed?" He thought a minute and said, "Because we love each other!" Now, if that isn't the sweetest thing...

See ya later alligator...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Andrew Quotes

Quotes from Andrew:

After finishing his pizza...
"My tummy is saying it's full and my bike is saying it's time to ride my bike!"

We saw a truck drive down a dirt road and kick up some dust.
"I just saw that truck do somethin'. It went down the road and made dirt steam."

He's a funny little boy! See ya later alligator...